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Clean windows

We clean windows not solely for them do be clean, but also healthy. Dirt particles from the street, hard-water stains, organic filth - all of this not only looks bad on your windows, but also damages the glass. Since the glass surface is porous the sun bakes various minerals into the surface. That is the main reason why even after getting your windows cleaned you can still see small limescale channels on the glass. And the only ways to get rid of those is ordering costly hard-water stain removal services or replacing the glass (depending on the damage level). But all of that can be avoided by simply cleaning your windows regularly. Our team is ready to assist you! Not only will the windows look perfect, but you will also save money in the long run.

What services do we provide?

Services - we offer

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Regular window cleaning.

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Window cleaning after construction.

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Altitude window cleaning (up to 30 meters)

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Billboard cleaning.

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If arranged for a regular biannual clean – discounts apply.

Send pictures of your windows to our email, and get a precise job quote!

We value our customers and strive for a 100% satisfaction rate, so if our technician missed a spot, please don’t be shy to point it out. We are not perfect, but we sure try to be the best 🙂